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Yasiru Nayanajith
16 يناير 2020
6.0 والأحدث
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Device Info is a simple and powerful Android application which gives you complete information about your mobile device with advanced user interfaces. Device Info includes information about CPU, RAM, OS, Sensors, Storage, Battery, SIM, Bluetooth, Installed Apps, System Apps, Display, Camera, etc.

What's Inside : ? ?
❯ Dashboard ?
 Internal Storage
 External Storage
 Sensors Available
 Apps Installed

❯ Device ?
 Device Name
 Hardware Serial
 SIM Serial
 SIM Subscriber
 Network Operator
 Network Type
 WiFi, Bluetooth Mac Addresses
 Build Fingerprint
 USB Host

❯ System ?
 Code Name
 API Level
 Security Patch Level
 Build Number
 Java VM
 OpenGL ES
 System Uptime

❯ CPU ?
 Supported ABIs
 CPU Hardware
 CPU Governor
 Number of Cores
 CPU Frequency
 Running Cores
 CPU Usage
 GPU Renderer
 GPU Vendor
 GPU Version

❯ Battery ?
 Power Source

❯ Display ?
 Font Scale
 Physical Size
 Refresh Rate

❯ Memory ?
 Internal Storage
 External Storage

❯ Sensors ?
 Sensor Name
 Sensor Vendor

❯ Apps ?
 User Apps
 Installed Apps
 App Version
 Minimum OS
 Target OS
 Installed Date
 Updated Date

❯ Device Tests ?
 Display Test
 Flashlight Test
 Loudspeaker Test
 Ear Speaker Test
 Microphone Test
 Ear Proximity Test
 Light Sensor Test
 Vibration Test
 Bluetooth Test
 Wi-Fi Test
 Fingerprint Test
 Volume Up Button Test
 Volume Down Button Test

❯ Temperature ?

❯ Camera ?

❯ Themes ?
 Dark Theme
 Custom Colors

Permissions ? ?
 ⚙️ READ_PHONE_STATE – To get network info
 ⚙️ CAMERA – Flashlight Test
 ⚙️ RECORD_AUDIO – Microphone Test
 ⚙️ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Earspeaker & Loudspeaker Test
 ⚙️ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – To extract apps

Also, Device info can test your device components such as Display, Flashlight, Loudspeaker, Ear Speaker, Microphone, Ear Proximity, Light Sensor, Vibration, WiFi, Bluetooth, Fingerprint, Volume Up Button, Volume Down Button.

يمكنك الآن تنزيل Device Info : View Device Information 1.9.7 ِAPK للاندرويد من التطبيقات دوت كوم مجانا

ما هو الجديد

New - Multi touch Test
New - Accelerometer Test
Improved sensor tab UI
Added support for German & Chinese Simplified



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